Our Philosophy

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Educational psychologists have always been a vital part of effective educational delivery, supporting schools and families through the use of research based approaches and strategies. Traditionally (in the UK at least) these services have been delivered by Local Authorities and have been provided to schools on an allocation basis.

Community Psychology

Community Psychology

Children and young people are clearly influenced by the environments in which they live, work and play. It makes little sense to focus interventions on the child or young person without giving due regard to the external systems that impact on emotional well-being, behaviour and learning capacity. Community Psychology provides the vital bridge between these systems where, through early intervention and preventative work with families, schools can make a real difference to the life chances of children and young people.

Our history and capability

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FocusPsychology was established in 2006 by Jagdish Barn, a Chartered Educational Psychologist. Over the years our philosophy and approach to delivery of psychological services has evolved by listening to our clients and in direct response to societal needs and changing legislative frameworks. Our clients are our most important critics and it is testament to our collaborative and highly professional approach to service delivery that the majority of our growth has occurred through word of mouth.