The FocusPsychology Community

All our staff, associates, clients and client partners of FocusPsychology have the right to access the FocusPsychology Community. The Community has been designed to allow the cross fertilisation of ideas around the services that we offer.

As a client of FocusPsychology you can ask questions through the Community forum and seek advice from our expert team of professionals; you can sign up for our regular and informative newsletters where we will explore relevant concepts and ideas as well as inform you of upcoming events and additional services we can offer. Both you and your Lead Educational Psychologist will have the ability to set up special secure file stores just for your school (or even for specific groups within your school), these 'Community Groups' allow you to exchange sensitive documents, secure in the knowledge that they are protected by our encryption technology, you can even ask your Lead Educational Psychologist to allow other professionals in the wider community access to your groups to promote further information sharing.  

Every school or organisation we work with will automatically be allocated one user account for the Community, this will normally be the SENCO or other allocated staff member, however we impose no limit on the number of individuals you wish to have access to the Community, please talk to your Lead Educational Psychologist or use the contact form on this website to request additional named user accounts.

Finally we are always striving to find better ways to support your needs, if you have any comments or questions about this capability (or indeed any aspect of our services) please do not hesitate to get in touch.