We offer a range of assessments to explore the learning or emotional behaviours that children and young people present with and recommend appropriate person-centred remediation. Some of the numerous reasons for the difficulties that a young person may be presenting with include Learning Difficulties, Communication and Social Interaction Difficulties, Attachment & Loss and Anxiety & Stress. Schools are increasingly required to hold a wide range of data on student achievement and attainment and our aim is to provide additional information to enhance knowledge of strengths and needs. We believe that the use of systemic, dynamic, interactive and responsive approaches to assessment (as opposed to restrictive within child measures) provides a more in-depth and holistic profile. Our assessments are tailored to the specific needs of the child, young person or family and the approach taken is unique in every case.

Our assessments are conducted in partnership with colleagues and not in isolation, the assessment process is undertaken jointly with school staff over a period of time. Through early intervention and thorough investigation, appropriate strategies and approaches can be put into place before the situation becomes too acute. Our support does not stop there; we will help staff evaluate the effectiveness of the remediation and advice on revisions to support.

Project & Research Work

Child doing work

Project work & research results in tangible evidence to support whole school initiatives and highlights those that provide the best impact on student well-being, academic progress and attainment. We have experience of supporting schools in strategic decision making through evidence based applied research and evaluation.

Previous work has included exploring group dynamics through assessment of meta-cognition & task analysis skills and the subsequent effect of this on on-task behaviour and peer relations, as well as analysing attainment following a programme of teaching delivery using the Vygotskian approach of scaffolding and person centred learning. 



We offer therapy and counselling to children and families with a variety of needs ranging from attachment and behavioural difficulties to stress, anxiety, depression, phobias and obsessive compulsive disorders. We use a variety of therapeutic approaches such as Solution Focused Brief Therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Theraplay, Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy and Art Psychotherapy. The approaches we use are recommended by the National Institute for Clinical & Health Excellence (NICE).

Supervision and Mentoring


We can provide Supervision and Mentoring of staff using the safe and non-threatening solution orientated approach. This allows schools to meet the emotional and well-being needs of staff using an independent agency.

We also support staff in understanding and coping with stress using a variety of therapeutic approaches delivered through individual or group sessions.