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We believe our embedded service can transform your school’s approach to SEND, improve your pupils learning capacity, deliver more cost effective interventions and reduce levels of staff stress. However, we understand that schools, more used to traditional ‘assess and report’ models of Educational Psychology, may struggle to appreciate our vision.

This is why we have introduced our Term Trial, allowing schools to assess the benefits of our service over a single term without any further commitment. Term Trial consists of ten daily visits to your school delivered one day per week over a ten week period by one of our HCPC accredited and Chartered Educational Psychologists. During the Term Trial period you will benefit from all of the features of our FOCUS annual plans and you will be able to evaluate, first hand, the impact we can have.

Term Trial costs just £4,950 for the ten weeks and we are confident that you will see real, positive change within that time; we would, of course, hope to convince you of the benefits of continuing on one of our annual plans, however you would be under no obligation to do so in the unlikely event that you felt the service was not a good fit with your school.

Have more questions or thinking of signing up?

Please get in touch with us, we are friendly, approachable and very happy to answer any questions you may have.